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Disney + will let you watch a movie with friends, but everyone at home

Starting this Thursday, Disney + is enriching its streaming service with a new feature: GroupWatch. You will be able to watch the same program with your friends, simultaneously, interact, but without being in the same place. A new function that is timely to share evenings together, but separately …

They would have liked to do it on purpose, the timing couldn’t have been better. This Thursday, October 22, Disney + is launching a new feature for its streaming service: the ability to watch a program with friends… without being together!

We started thinking about this function long before the coronavirus epidemic and containment”, Defends Michael Cerda, vice-president in charge of the product at Disney, with Frandroid. “Rather, it was the outcome of a reflection on the fact that we are all permanently connected and that we need to exchange our impressions ”.

Thus was born GroupWatch. This addition in the form of a button to click will bring together seven people so that they can watch together a film, series or documentary available on Disney +. And no need to be all in front of the same screen!

Watch a program up to 7 at the same time

A person starts a program, clicks the GroupWatch icon, and can then invite up to six people to share the broadcast from their smartphone (invitations sent from their smartphone via an email or SMS link). Each participant can then view the content from the screen of their choice (PC, smartphone, tablet, connected box, Smart TV, etc.). All programs in the Disney catalog will have the feature without you needing an update for it.

But more than sharing the same film together each at home, the interest of GroupWatch is more in the interaction. Everyone will be able to synchronize the viewing, interrupt the playback, go back to review a sequence or move forward. And it will be the same, at the same time, for all participants. But if you choose to watch the program in the original version with subtitles while your friends prefer the French version, no problem. Synchronization will work the same.

Interact by sending reactions

We wanted the most simple, accessible and natural experience for Disney + users”, Summarizes Michael Cerda. “Let it be mostly interactive. The idea is above all to share the moment, as people have become accustomed to doing when they watch a program. They take their phones, exchange messages, react. They can do it here too”. From the application, you will be able to share one of the six emojis available (“I like”, “funny”, “sad”, “angry”, “scared” and “speechless”). And your reaction will be displayed on your friends’ screens to let them know if you like the new season of The Mandalorian or if the last episode of Simpsons was really funny.

After a test phase abroad, in Canada and the United States in particular, GroupWatch is available this Thursday in France and in European countries with access to Disney +.

How does GroupWatch work?

Obviously you have to be Disney + subscriber. Members of the same account can activate GroupWatch at the same time, be in the same place on different devices or not.



  • Choose your program from the Disney + catalog
  • Click the GroupWatch icon on the page
  • Send the link to your friends (up to 6 people) by email, messages, messaging via your PC or smartphone.

  • Start the program. Participants will only have to click on the link to reach you from any compatible medium.
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