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discover its gigantic curved screen boosted with artificial intelligence

The manufacturer Mercedes has cracked a press release to present in detail the future curved screen that will be invited on its EQS electric sedan. The Hyperscreen MBUX, of its name, is both curved and boosted with artificial intelligence to best meet the needs of the user.

Hyperscreen MBUX

The Hyperscreen MBUX of the future Mercedes EQS // Gamesdone: Mercedes

We can’t wait to discover the Mercedes EQS electric sedan, one of the cars most able to compete with the Tesla Model S. And the Hyperscreen MBUX just revealed by the star firm tends to reinforce this idea . This huge curved screen was recently spotted by Carscoops, before the group revealed it in full through a new press release.

Concretely, what should we remember? Let’s start with its size: 141 centimeters wide, Mercedes specifies, or about 55 inches. In total, three display areas make up the screen: on the left, the digital instrumentation provides all the essential information to the driver; in the center is the infotainment system; and on the right, a segment reserved for the passenger who has his own “display and control area”.

OLED and eight-core processor

The group from beyond the Rhine provides additional information regarding the digital space dedicated to the front passenger: “Passenger screen entertainment functions are only available during travel under specific country legal regulations“. In total, the Hyperscreen MBUX can accommodate up to seven different profiles, with which it is possible to personalize its content.

Hyperscreen MBUX

The Hyperscreen MBUX // Gamesdone: Mercedes

The areas reserved for the infotainment system and the front passenger benefit from OLED technology: in other words, the contrasts are endless. The screen brightness also adapts to the ambient light conditions. The whole system is also powered by an eight-core processor and twenty-four gigabytes of RAM, adds the German company.

Suggestion modules

The Hyperscreen MBUX is not just a simple curved screen capable of dazzling us. It’s also “the brain and nervous system of the carAdds Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz AG and Technical Director. Clearly, an artificial intelligence power has been implemented to optimize the user experience as much as possible.

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The interested party continues: “The Hyperscreen MBUX continually gets to know the customer better and delivers a personalized infotainment and usage package even before the occupant has to click or scroll through the pages“. Suggestion modules – nicknamed Magic Modules – are thus submitted to the driver according to his habits and their degree of relevance.

Mercedes cites a concrete example:

The frame of the EQS can be raised to provide better ground clearance. A useful feature for steep driveways or speed bumps. The MBUX memorizes the GPS position at which the user used the “Vehicle Lift-Up” function. If the vehicle approaches the GPS position again, the MBUX independently offers to lift the EQS.

At the time of writing, the manufacturer has not specified whether the Hyperscreen MBUX will be available as standard or as an option, although the second option seems more logical in view of the ultra premium aspect of the screen. .

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