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Devialet revisits the Phantom 1, its star speaker now more powerful and revamped

Devialet has updated its famous Phantom I speaker by offering new finishes, more power and a new user experience. But at a price still as high as its sound qualities.

The Phantom I speaker

The Phantom I speaker // Gamesdone: Devialet

Who has never seen the Phantom I, the loudspeaker with an atypical design and bluffing sound quality for which the French company Devialet is famous? It returns in a new, modernized version, more efficient, with a slightly different look and an improved user experience.

The Phantom II (because it has a little sister) uses the recipe that made it famous, with its unique rounded look. It modifies its design somewhat to be offered in black or matt white with side shields now in light or dark chrome. It is also available in a brand new 22-carat gold color.

For sound, it keeps its triple promise: zero distortion, zero saturation, zero breath. Its new models offer 103 dB (16 Hz – 25 kHz) or 108 dB (14 Hz – 27 kHz), from 500 to 1000 Watts RMS. Only two speakers of the same power can be paired in multiroom. The latter can now be controlled from the Devialet app to play the same music throughout the house or in separate listening.

The price remains high: count from 1890 euros to 3090 euros for the different models.

More power in the engine

But it’s not just the exterior that’s been slightly revamped. Under its chassis, the Phantom I feeds new ambitions. Its operating system has been upgraded to version Devialet OS 2.12 (updated via the Devialet app). The speaker is now compatible with Spotify Connect, UPnP, but also AirPlay 2.

Version 1.14 of the app will finally offer support for Apple’s technology. It will thus be possible for iPhone owners to streamer their musical content directly to the speaker. But that doesn’t seem to be possible for the first generation of Phantoms.

In addition to Bluetooth also available, the Phantom range also incorporates Room Ready technology which allows you to enjoy high-resolution 24-bit sound. Updating the Devialet app also allows you to receive a notification if your music source allows high-resolution listening. Night mode, which softens the bass, is also available.

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