Tuesday, November 24

Despite the confinement, the launch of 5G in France will not be delayed according to Orange

After many delays, will the new containment have consequences for the launch of 5G? This will not be the case according to Orange.

For Orange, “ It’s okay “. The operator presented its third quarter 2020 results this week. In total, 350,000 new fiber subscribers were recruited and 125,000 new mobile subscribers. This is a good performance that the incumbent operator had not achieved since the second quarter of 2018.

No delay expected according to Orange

It was on the sidelines of the presentation of financial results that Fabienne Dulac, CEO of Orange France, affirmed that the deployment of 5Gwill not be called into questionthrough the return of confinement.

“It has been requested, in particular thanks to the opening of all administrative services, that we can continue to benefit from the authorizations we need for all our deployments so that overall we are not slowed down”, she added. This does not only concern 5G, the deployment and connection of fiber to the home will also be assured.

As a reminder, 5G should be marketed at the end of 2020, operators have obtained their first dedicated frequencies, Orange and SFR have already announced 5G offers.

Will the shops be open?

Fabienne Dulac also mentioned the opening of the stores, “We will advocate that stores can remain open at a time when we know that the need for connectivity and equipment is fundamental for all French citizens.», Announced Fabienne Dulac. However, Orange must discuss during the day with the unions on the subject.

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