Monday, January 25

despite his mockery, Xiaomi will not provide a charger

A few hours before the conference, Xiaomi confirms that the Mi 11 will not be entitled to a charger in the box.

Really, sometimes you have to think carefully before making fun of the competition. Xiaomi, like Samsung, made fun of Apple during the presentation of the iPhone 12, indicating that its smartphones did indeed have the right to chargers for free. Samsung has quietly removed messages on social networks where the brand made fun of Apple, and for good reason, the Galaxy S21 should not have chargers.

It is now Xiaomi’s turn to eat his hat: the Mi 11 will officially not be supplied with a charger according to the CEO of the brand.

A method that could be different

Xiaomi boss Lei Jun confirmed on Weibo that the packaging of the Mi 11 will be particularly compact, and that there will therefore be no more space for the phone’s charger. It uses the same argument as Apple: smartphone users now have many chargers at home, and they don’t necessarily need a new charger. It is therefore better for the environment not to offer it in the box anymore.

Fans of fast charging shouldn’t despair right away, however. On Twitter, the IceUniverse account, well known for some leaks of Samsung technologies, implies that Xiaomi would have an asset up its sleeve reserved for its presentation conference. We can imagine a system of discount voucher, or ODR, in the event of simultaneous purchase of a charger and a smartphone. This would make it possible to “offer” the charger to those who really want it, while keeping the ecological argument for the rest of the users.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 presentation conference takes place today in China at 12:30 p.m. KST. It will probably take several weeks for information on the release of the product in Europe, and more specifically in France. The smartphone should include a Snapdragon 888, a QHD SuperAmoled 120 Hz screen and a new photo module with 108 MP sensor.

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