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deadlines almost met for Tesla

Tesla has a habit of giving optimistic deadlines, even if it means shifting them over time. Once is not customary with this Model S 2021 which will be delivered in the first quarter, but a bit later than expected.

For two months now, the first American customers have ordered their new Model S and are patiently awaiting delivery. If in Europe those who have done the same will not be served until at least the fall, their counterparts across the Atlantic can start to prepare to welcome their new vehicle: trucks carrying the all new Tesla. Model S have been sighted across the United States.

🍀 JACKPOT!!! 🔥 Refreshed S and Plaid S spotted on truck leaving Fremont Factory! 🤯 Couldn’t see any yokes 🍳

— Mark (@CodingMark) March 18, 2021

A crazy end of quarter for Tesla

We told you about it a few days ago, Tesla has a habit of going all out at the end of the quarter to post record revenues. Thus, delivering 2021 Model S from the first fiscal quarter of the year (which ends on March 31) will send a strong signal to Wall Street.

If concern could grow over the news of the Model S Paid + delay, Tesla needed to reassure the skeptics by showing them that they had no problem producing the new vehicles.

The online configurator of the future Model S 2021

The online configurator of the future Model S 2021 // Gamesdone: Tesla

Elon Musk announced in January that the 2021 Model S could begin shipping to customers of the brand as early as February, which turned out to be too optimistic (as is often the case). Indeed, until now, the only vehicles seen were prototypes still in development, with or without Yoke steering wheel.

The Model X, next on the list

Simultaneously with the new Model S, a restyling of Tesla’s SUV, the Model X, also took place. If for the moment the latter has been more discreet, the first deliveries should take place before the summer.

New manufacturing methods have prompted the manufacturer to modify its production lines, and even to stop production for a while. Priority was then given to the Model S over the less popular Model X to resume manufacturing.

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