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Dbrand announces alternative black chassis, challenges Sony to sue it

The famous brand of stickers Dbrand will market alternative faceplates for the PS5.

Since its presentation, the design of the PS5 divides on the internets. Not to mention the volume or the shape of the console, it is the black and white color that can sometimes get in the way. So obviously, when we learned that the ” faceplates», The two gray shutters which surround the console, were removable, some took it into their heads to design alternative versions.

A small manufacturer had quickly tried it out in October, under the name PlateStation , which quickly led to a legal response from Sony, quickly putting an end to the project. If we could easily identify the name of the project as a problem, the change to ” Customize My Plates Was not enough to calm Sony, whose lawyers returned to the charge.

It is therefore against a background of legal tensions that the much better known brand Dbrand has announced faceplatesblack alternatives for the PS5.

A challenge for Sony

In a message on Reddit, the brand we usually know for its smartphone or tablet stickers, announces its product for the PS5 and does not hesitate to challenge Sony and its legal department.

Take us to court, Sony

Dbrand recalls that the brand has already diversified a few years ago by creating its first plastic case for smartphones, the Grip Case. It is on the basis of this know-how and production lines that the brand announces that it is able to producefaceplatesof the same level of quality as those of Sony. Production will begin at the end of 2020, but Dbrand will not accept pre-orders on this product until the first copies are in stock. Knowing its audience and the codes of social networks, the brand allows itself a little picnic: “If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it is that you should not sell a product before you have finished it.».

The official site gives you a better idea of ​​what Sony’s PlayStation 5 can look like with this matte black appearance.

Just-in-time stocks

If marketing should therefore begin very soon, we should not expect to be able to easily order a pair offaceplates. The brand warns that its production capacities are still quite limited, and that demand should be much greater than supply. A bit like the PS5 which remains hopelessly out of stock.

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