Tuesday, October 19

Daily tricks with Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl’s cheap Thermomix


More and more users are opting to buy Monsieur Cuisine Connect, a kitchen robot that can be used a lot. Whenever Lidl decides to put Monsieur Cuisine Connect up for sale, it is sold out in a matter of no time in its supermarkets. This kitchen robot has not stopped gaining a name since it was launched and every time it implements more powerful options that make a device more versatile that does not stop growing in all aspects to gain a foothold among the competition. As with the Thermomix, of which we recently told you the latest news, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect brings together a growing number of functions and tricks that the user should be getting to know. There is much more to do than the basic functions, such as cooking, cooking, kneading, weighing … Do you think you know this food processor thoroughly? Let’s check it out, surely some of these tricks are new to you. Can we already classify the kitchen robot as one of the best inventions of humanity in recent decades? The kitchen robot now has a 7 “screen and WiFi connection, but it has also implemented other new features, as shown in ZauberTopf. Clean the Monsieur Cuisine Connect Cleaning the glass. If you want to leave the robot glass as new, add a liter of water and a drop of dishwasher. Mix for 30 seconds at level 5. You will see that most of the dirt is gone. Cleaning the lid. Sometimes some dirt remains on the rubber, but if you remove it gently you can wash it in the dishwasher. If you want to wash it by hand, you can also rub it with a little oil. Cleaning the blades. In case you cannot remove all the dirt, you can always use a little baking soda. Wipe it with a damp cloth, wait two hours and wash it. Sterilize If you want to sterilize glasses, bottles or any of the baby’s items, with the Monsieur Cuisine Connect you can do it in a matter of minutes. Add 500 ml of water, place the steamer with the glasses b go down and select the steam function. When they are dry they will be perfect. We compare the Lidl food processor with the Aldi food processor to find those differences that tell us which of the two cheap food machines is better. Burned and stuck food If something has burned and you can’t get it off, we teach you how to eliminate it quickly and easily. It is enough to introduce 400 ml of water and leave it 7 minutes at level 2 and 100º of temperature. Once that time has passed, it will be very easy to clean. Raising the dough Using the steamer it is easy to make the yeast dough plump. When preparing it, place a piece of parchment paper at the bottom, add the dough and put the lid on. You will see how it grows at an unstoppable rate until it becomes as fluffy as possible.

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