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Cyberpunk 2077 was the trigger cloud gaming was missing

To play Cyberpunk 2077 in decent conditions, many have turned to cloud gaming for the first time and enjoyed the experience.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 // Gamesdone: CD Project

Cyberpunk 2077 is the video game event for the end of the year. Highly anticipated, the game from Polish studio CD Projekt RED dazzled with its ultra-worked sets as much as it disappointed with its bugs and lack of finishes on some versions. In many ways, Cyberpunk 2077 will make history, and especially for those in the cloud gaming industry.

A difficult game to run

The title takes place in the city of Night City, an environment full of details, lighting and passers-by, each telling their own story. For many, this dystopian futuristic setting is the real protagonist of the game, far beyond the simple main plot. It is still necessary to succeed in making it run properly.

Launched on many platforms, Cyberpunk 2077 quickly demonstrated the technical limitations of some machines. On consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 versions are deplorable. The first tests are catastrophic and video game experts will assure you that it is better to ignore the game than to turn to these versions.

Cyberpunk 2077 sur PS4

Between sickly framerate and missing details, the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 is catastrophic // Gamesdone: Digital Foundry

Fortunately, the new generation of consoles is raising the bar a bit, but even the PS5 and Xbox Series X are not shining brightly at this little game in the absence of the long-awaited next-gen patch which will not arrive until 2021. It remains to turn to the PC to enjoy the game in its best configuration.

But then again, it’s not that simple. The game is resource intensive, very greedy. To run it at 60 FPS it is advisable to have a fairly solid PC and the out of stock on the new RTX 30xx from Nvidia does not help to pump up your machine.

Cloud gaming, a real savior

Many players have therefore turned to the cloud gaming. Remember that the CD Projekt title is compatible with GeForce Now (with ray tracing as a bonus) and available on Stadia.

Neither Google nor Nvidia seemed to expect such success, however. Overwhelmed by demand, Google stopped earlier than expected its special offer to obtain a Premiere Edition pack (with Chromecast and controller) with the purchase of Cyberpunk 2077. For its part, Nvidia has just withdrawn from its site the possibility of subscribing for 1 month to GeForce Now, leaving only the 6 month subscription. Free and limited access is still relevant today, with queues now stretching over several hours.

This is one of the limitations of cloud gaming: the places available in datacenters. A sudden influx of players can surprise managers of this type of service. Limiting the number of new subscribers thus makes it possible to regulate traffic and maintain a good quality of service for everyone while waiting for a drop in popularity or the opening of new servers.

Satisfied users

But above all, players who have turned to cloud gaming, more by default than anything else, have for many discovered very satisfactory services. On social networks, testimonials abound. No need to have the best installation to play, whether on Stadia or GeForce Now, stability is there and the game manages to convince visually.

This is an opportunity for these services to show what they are capable of, and this on any platform. Remember that the interest of cloud gaming is to work just as well on a powerful computer as on a first-price Chromebook, smartphone or tablet. Without a doubt, this flexibility will delight these new users who have come to Cyberpunk.

With 5G coming, cloud gaming has never been more tangible and interesting than it is today, promising a real revival for years to come.

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