Wednesday, October 20

count nearly 2300 euros for a copy with a production error


What if you buy a smartphone with a printing error? Should it be returned or resold? Of course, the first answer is the most obvious. Except for Apple, our advice: keep it and sell it.

It is very rare for Apple to pass an iPhone with a production error. Nevertheless, this is what happened on this iPhone 11 Pro which has its Apple logo shifted to the back.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

A single printing error

It’s very rare, because Apple makes sure that products with visual defects don’t hit the market. After all, we’re talking about the group’s image and the promise of a flawless, high-end product.

And when that happens, Apple’s good reputation for quality makes products with such flaws in turn highly coveted collectibles, for you hold a true rarity in your hands.

This is exactly what happened to the iPhone 11 Pro sold for US $ 2,700 (approximately € 2,300) for a logo printing error on its back. An obviously excessive price compared to the current price of the iPhone 11 Pro.

As 9to5Mac specifies, this would happen once every 100 million devices produced. Generally, this type of production problem is ruled out before it is marketed.

In 2015, an iPad Pro was sold with a gold Touch ID and a gray back – a unique color combination that was never officially offered in this way.


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