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Connected or sports watch? Suunto 7 doesn’t choose, it does both

The Finnish sports accessories brand Suunto has just launched a big reduction of 130 euros on its new connected watch, the Suunto 7. A watch that combines the best of both worlds by combining a complete tracking interface and sports performance with functionalities daily wear OS practices.

When it comes to smartwatches, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. On the one hand, the major sports watch brands use all their proprietary interfaces to track users’ sports performance. With frustrating limitations in terms of connectivity with smartphones.

On the other side are the big high-tech brands, which offer connected watches aimed at the general public. Watches that are successful from a design point of view, but with often very limited sports tracking features.

With the Suunto 7, the Suunto brand seems to have found an excellent middle way. The Suunto 7 is a connected sports watch which not only benefits from Suunto’s experience in this area and also offers all the features and applications of Wear OS, the connected watch operating system designed by Google.

The Suunto 7 is currently on sale for Black Friday. Usually sold for 479 euros, it passes for the next few days at the price of 349 euros. An unprecedented price drop of 130 euros on this watch released just a few months ago.

Who is Suunto?

Suunto is not a brand that is very well known to the general public. This Finnish brand, which has existed since 1936, is especially known to outdoor sports enthusiasts. She has been designing not only compasses or scuba diving computers, but also for a few years now connected watches. Watches that are intended for hikers or mountaineers, but also for athletes in general.

The whole Suunto sports experience in the Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is the latest connected watch from Suunto, released last spring. It benefits from all of Suunto’s experience in sports device design.

It’s a sturdy watch that’s not afraid of the elements. It is resistant to impact, water and dirt. You can run in the rain and mud, she’s not the fragile type. Its screen is also protected by a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

However, it is a watch that is easily forgotten. If it is thick enough (15.3 mm, a thickness necessary to be able to embed the battery and electronics), it weighs only 70 grams on the scale. It is therefore not a hindrance when it comes to going for a run. In addition to its touch screen, it also has four physical buttons on the sides, so that it can be operated easily and quickly during exercise.

A complete interface designed for sports

The biggest peculiarity of the Suunto 7 however comes from its interface. This connected watch indeed embeds both Wear OS, Google’s connected watch interface, but also Suunto, the brand’s sports interface.

The Suunto interface, for starters, allows you to take full advantage of the watch’s hardware features. Concretely, it is this which will allow you to take advantage of the integrated GPS to display in real time the map and the itinerary of your race or your hike. It is also the one who can measure your heart rate or indicate the difference in altitude covered thanks to its integrated altimeter.

The Suunto 7 is also very easy to use. Clicking on the physical button at the top right of the dial launches the Suunto application. You just have to choose the type of sports activity you want to follow (70 sports modes, from running to swimming to running on a floor mat, are available), to optionally choose a route to follow and start the activity.

The Suunto 7 will then indicate the distance traveled, the average speed and send the various sports data of the effort to the application, to consult them later.

A watch that cannot be removed once out of the locker room

The great thing about the Suunto 7 is that once you return from the gym or your jogging session, you can keep it on your wrist. This is where the Wear OS interface comes into play. It is this which provides access to all the functionalities linked to the Google ecosystem.

Concretely, Wear OS allows you to download many applications from the Play Store directly to your watch: Spotify, Shazam, IFTTT, but also Nike Run Club or CityMapper.

Wear OS also greatly facilitates the connection between Suunto 7 and the smartphone. It allows you to see your notifications, reply to your SMS or see who is calling. It displays its calendar or allows you to call on Google Assistant to quickly ask a question or start a timer. Suunto 7 is also compatible with Google Pay. You can therefore pay at a credit card terminal directly with your watch.

Already 130 euros reduction on the Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 was released last spring in no less than 5 different colors: Black Lime (black and yellow), Graphite Copper (gray and copper), Sandstone Rosegold (sand and pink), All Black (black) and White Burgundy (white) ). A sixth color, Graphite (gray) will be available in a limited edition for the end of year celebrations from December 3 at a price of 429 euros.

For Black Friday, theThe price of the Suunto 7 drops by 130 euros and therefore drops to 349 euros. As a reminder, its launch price was 479 euros last spring. This is the lowest price ever seen on this watch which offers the best compromise between sports watch and connected watch.

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