Thursday, August 5

connected glasses that replace AirPods

In addition to the Mate 40 or its Studio headphones, Huawei has unveiled the second iteration of its connected glasses.

Last year, Huawei unveiled smart glasses that looked like normal glasses. They incorporated stereo speakers and the possibility of interacting by pressing twice on the right branch of the glasses. Today, to accompany the new Mate 40, Huawei presents us the new Eyewear II still in collaboration with the Gentle Monster brand.

Like last year, these glasses are a feat of electronic miniaturization. The antenna, charging module, dual microphone, chipset, speakers and battery are all integrated into the temple of the glasses. There are two microphones to listen to you, and small stereo speakers placed just above your ears to communicate.

Eyewear II: more choice and better audio quality

The Eyewear II are therefore the second iteration of these glasses. First change, they arrive with four different models: two sunglasses (Smart Lang and Smart Myma) and two prescription glasses (Smart Havana and Smart Kubo). They therefore offer more choice. Despite the electronics, the frame of the glasses is made of titanium alloy and they are slightly flexible.

On the electronics side, the speakers are larger (128 mm² diaphragm), more power, but also improved audio quality. In addition, sound filtration has also been reduced to 12 decibels. Why ? If someone is next to us, they should no longer hear what you hear through the speakers. As with the first generation, these glasses allow in addition to listening to music and controlling it, to be able to take calls or hang up. Obviously, you can also access the voice assistant on your smartphone.

The Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II theoretically offer up to 5 hours of music playback or 42 hours of standby time. They are sold with a charging box, which plugs into USB Type-C and allows a full charge in 1.5 hours. Huawei has also added NFC to facilitate pairing, the glasses then communicate via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

Finally, these Huawei glasses are halfway between Apple AirPods and a connected bracelet. They are the companion of your smartphone to avoid you having to systematically take it out of your pocket to consult a notification or take a call. The technical integration is particularly impressive given that it is invisible.

Eyewear II glasses will be available from 279 euros in Europe, but we have not yet had confirmation for the French market.

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