Wednesday, October 21

Conan will also have his own series on Netflix

Netflix launches a live-action series of Conan the Barbarian. In this new era of streaming, the main companies compete for the rights of the most cutting-edge licenses or that they consider especially important in order to use as the main claim to attract new users. See as examples Amazon with Fallout, HBO with The Last of Us or Netflix with The Cuphead Show, to give some examples of what is to come within video game adaptations. But that will be nothing compared to all the news that the main streaming platforms have prepared, plus everything new that will be confirmed in the coming months. Without going any further, Netflix has just given the green light to a live-action series of Conan the Barbarian, the iconic comic book character created by Robert E. Howard. Conan the Barbarian first appeared in Weird Tales magazine in 1932, ushering in a new narrative genre centered on the sword and witchcraft. Over the years, the original stories have inspired more than a thousand comics, hundreds of novels, three feature films, two television series, multiple video games, and a wide range of collectibles, toys, and all kinds of merchandise around the world. HBO Spain is giving away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month. Undoubtedly one of the most remembered adaptations was the film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982, as well as its 1984 sequel Conan the Destroyer, films that undoubtedly catapulted the actor to fame before becoming an icon of the cinema with Terminator . At the moment no more details are known about the Conan the Barbarian series that Netflix is ​​going to make, so we will be waiting for any news in this regard. Which actor do you think should play Conan in this new live-action series? Let us know in our comments section. This article was published in Hobby Consolas by José carlos Pozo.

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