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commenting on a specific portion of a video could become even easier

YouTube is testing a new batch of improvements to its interface, among them the addition of a more practical system to mention a specific passage of a video in the comments.

Mentioning a particular moment in a video in comments may become easier

Mentioning a particular moment in a video in the comments may become easier // Gamesdone: Photo by Christian Wiediger for Unsplash

It works, but it can be improved. It is a little in this way that one could summarize the current way of designating, in the comments, a passage of a video on YouTube. To do this, it is currently necessary to manually insert a code or a “timestamp” (5:36 for example, to refer to an extract occurring after 5 minutes and 36 seconds of a video). This option works fine, but is not really promoted by YouTube and you have to know it to be able to use it.

It could change. As 9to5Google reports, the platform is currently testing a method to simplify and better highlight the possibility of to tag a particular moment of a video. Be careful, however, adding a timing in the comments is not to be confused with the function allowing to add a timing at the end of the URL of a YouTube video that you want to share. The latter is not affected by the tests underway at YouTube.

An insert dedicated to adding a timing soon directly in the comments tab?

The “dynamic” addition of a passage of video in the comments is currently only being tested with a small portion of users, specifies Google in a communicated.

« We’re testing an easier way to add a timestamp for a video, tied to the exact time you’re watching when you comment. Google describes. ” Experiment participants will see a new icon when they write a comment. They can click on it to automatically add the current timing of the video (without having to enter it manually!). For now, this function is only accessible to a small group of users », lit-on.

It’s hard to get any clearer than Google’s description. According to 9to5Google, this functionality could in particular be articulated in a manner quite similar to “Smart Replies”, accessible in YouTube Studio to easily respond to comments from viewers. It remains to be seen whether YouTube will adopt this novelty on a large scale.



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