Tuesday, May 18

Clap of end at LG, new “oops” at Facebook and makeover for the Play Store

It’s time for renewal on the Tech planet. Or almost. LG has decided to reorient its priorities and abandon its smartphone branch. The Google Play Store is getting a new look on smartphones. On the other hand, at Facebook, another bad surprise with a massive data leak. Even for Mark Zuckerberg. Back to the news of the week.

LG is shutting down smartphones for real

After 15 years of believing in it, also innovating a lot and sometimes without success, the South Korean firm has decided to put an end to its smartphone branch. In France, we were no longer allowed to do so since 2019. Finances in the red, a market share now reduced to 1%, LG stops the costs. And yet, we will still have a few flagship models in mind, from the touch-tone telephone to the first dual sensor or the smartphone with a swiveling dual screen.

Facebook Leaks: 533 million numbers in the wild

Even Mark Zuckerberg got caught by a data breach from Facebook! The boss of the social network is one of 533 million users who saw their phone number appear in a database published on the dark web. Numbers entered in Facebook profiles and which were sucked before being posted for free on pirate forums.

To find out if you are one of the 20 million French people concerned, we have two tools to recommend.

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The Google Play Store changes its look

Google has deployed its brand new interface for its Play Store on smartphones. Change of menu access, clean interface, new user menu: the Play Store on Android is getting a makeover.

“My internet connection”: identify internet speeds near your home

How do you know what flow you are entitled to at home? There is now a site to guide you. Arcep has implemented a new tool called “My internet connection”. The best way to view the offers and packages available, whether you are eligible for DSL technology, cable, optical fiber, fixed 4G… And above all, know which one will be the best for you according to your needs.

The test of the week: Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Barely formalized, already tested. Xiaomi’s Poco X3 has passed into the expert hands of the editorial staff. It’s time to take stock in a comprehensive test. And fans of mobile games will be delighted …

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If you’re more into sound, Sonos has unveiled its very first portable, self-contained mini-speaker, the Sonos Roam. In our opinion, it is the perfect product to listen to music at home or on the go

The video of the week :

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