Monday, October 19

Chrome for Android is now able to detect your hacked passwords

The new version of Google Chrome incorporates a function capable of verifying if any of your passwords have been hacked. With the latest update of Google Chrome just arrived on Android, we are still learning what are some of the new features that it incorporates. Beyond what was announced, new data and functions are always being filtered that users or specialists discover and with this latest version of the browser it would not be for less. Chrome 86 now has Google verification that alerts you if your password security is compromised or is being hacked, a feature that can also be integrated in different ways into Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. For the Google browser to continuously verify your password and alert you if it is hacked, you only need to fulfill one requirement: that you have the password stored in the browser; that is, it is autocomplete by default when entering the web. These are the best alternatives to Chrome or Firefox, two of the most popular browsers today, which, however, have a lot of competition if we are looking for specific features, a different design, security or anonymity. Once the password is saved in the browser, it is sent to Google’s servers for analysis to see if it has been interfered with in known data breaches or leaks. But to do so, it does not check the username and password you have, but more global data, such as the website where you use it and general aspects to see if there is any match with alerted problems, according to CNET. As an example, if you access a forum of your favorite hobby with your usual password and Google knows that the data in that forum has been compromised, they will notify you of the vulnerability of the password. Because let’s remember that this is not just a question of passwords, but also of the private data that we keep on different pages, which are sometimes associated with credit cards. Surely, this is one of those features that gets little attention at first, but is appreciated in case you are affected by a security issue. And if they offer it to you as a plus with the new update of your browser, even better.

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