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Christmas is over, it’s time to sell your old smartphone at Back Market


Christmas is often the right occasion to change smartphones. And while you’re enjoying your brand new phone, your old device is about to collect dust in a box or drawer. Fortunately, it is possible to resell it on Back Market to fight against congestion and recover a good nest egg.

The gift wraps are torn, the garlands dismantled, and the tree loses its needles: no doubt, Christmas is over. But of course, all of this does not occur to you, too busy as you are with your new smartphone, your latest tablet or your next-gen console. And you are right to make the most of it. That said, one question remains: what to do with its old electronic devices that still work perfectly well? Rather than store them in a corner while waiting for them to collect dust, why not resell them?

Thanks to the refurbished market, you can easily sell your old phone, its old console and any other electronic device, and at a good price. This makes it possible to offset part of the Christmas expenses, or quite simply to reduce the bill for a new telephone.

Back Market, the best option to resell old devices

Back Market is a French company specializing in the field of reconditioning of electronic products. The platform offers you to buy back your old devices, such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc. They are then carefully reconditioned by professionals certified by Back Market to be resold at a lower price. These specialists are regularly audited by the French company.

The products are fully functional, with performance similar to new products, but up to 70% cheaper. Better still, they even benefit from a warranty ranging between one and two years.

But Back Market does not only offer a good price on the devices sold, the company is also pushing a greener and more responsible mode of consumption. Old phones no longer end up at the bottom of the drawers and are now popular with new buyers. A refurbished smartphone is a phone with a lower carbon footprint than a new one.

Christmas is prolonged thanks to resale

The winter festivities being conducive to changing smartphones or buying a new console, Back Market offers a good opportunity to limit spending while saving space at home. It also allows its old devices to enjoy a second life and to please another user. Especially since the e-merchant has made the exercise as easy as pie.

Just go to the Back Market site and select the “Resale” tab. There, you will have to start by indicating the type of product you want to sell, such as a telephone for example. You will then need to specify the manufacturer’s brand and the name of the model.

You can instantly estimate the value of very many smartphones

You can instantly estimate the value of very many smartphones

Once these steps have been taken, Back Market will ask you for details on the overall state of the product. You will have to indicate the storage capacity of the smartphone, if it is unlocked any operator, the state of the screen, as well as the state of the chassis. Finally, you will have to indicate whether or not your device is functional. Because yes, it is quite possible to sell a broken or damaged device.

Once these formalities have been completed, Back Market will send you a prepaid envelope in which you just have to slip your phone. After a check by the company, your money will be paid to you. In the case of a Samsung Galaxy S7 with some scratches, Back Market takes it back at around 80 euros.

This inflow of money makes it possible both to limit spending at Christmas and to give a last-minute gift. Or quite simply to afford an accessory such as an audio headset to go with your new smartphone.


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