Sunday, January 24

choosing a wallpaper by chat will be possible very soon

The WhatsApp messaging service expands the customization of its interface. Users will be able to choose a wallpaper per discussion, and therefore per interlocutor.


Until now, it was not possible to customize a wallpaper by WhatsApp conversation. Edit a wallpaper, as our English speaking friends say, on one of the threads, then caused a global change on all the other windows. But those days will soon be over.

Some novelties

As revealed in a YouTube video published by the official WhatsApp account, choosing a wallpaper per conversation, and therefore per interlocutor, is now possible. Should we at least kindly wait for the update which should be deployed in the coming days, specifies Engadget.

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The default wallpaper also has the right to a whole new color palette, while a new batch of images related to the fields of nature and architecture, for example, will go make their appearance. As well as wallpapers specially adapted for dark mode.

At each discussion, its atmosphere

By pushing a little more personalization of its interface, WhatsApp offers its two billion users the possibility of creating different atmospheres according to their interlocutors. This functionality invites itself alongside recently introduced ephemeral messages, which should soon be joined by the “Read Later” function.



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