Tuesday, November 24

Certificate completed on TousAntiCovid, WhatsApp wants to clean up and Huawei would open a chip factory

Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what marked Tuesday, November 3: the TousAntiCovid application which fills out your certificate for you, WhatsApp which will sort out heavy attachments and Huawei which would open its chip factory. To not miss any news, consider subscribing to the Frandroid newsletter.

Travel certificate: the TousAntiCovid application now fills it out for you

Since last week, it is no longer possible to travel in public space in France without a duly completed certificate. Until now, it was necessary to complete a new certificate each time, a procedure which may seem repetitive. Finally, the Government updated the TousAntiCovid application to integrate a very practical function: saving the certificate data. Once the application has been completed for the first time, you will be able to find your name, date of birth and address each time, without having to fill in the boxes again.

WhatsApp wants to help you free up space on your smartphone

Casually, conversations on certain messaging applications can take up space on your smartphone’s storage. The gifs and images that can be exchanged are in fact automatically saved locally on your phone. To take this issue in hand, WhatsApp is working on a new feature. This will allow you to easily find the heaviest attachments exchanged in the application and to sort them. A useful function also for restoring backups on another device.

Huawei would prepare a factory to manufacture its chips and cover its rear

While Huawei can no longer deal with Taiwanese TSMC to supply it with its Kirin chips, and the Chinese manufacturer has struggled to find a replacement, it seems that the group has decided to take matters into their own hands. According to information from the Financial Times, Huawei is preparing to open its own production plant for smartphone chips. It would thus become a full-fledged founder, just like Samsung, and would be able to develop future processors for its smartphones. Nevertheless, we should first expect entry and mid-range chips, Huawei being able only to produce with an engraving of 45 nm, against 5 nm for some competitors.

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