Thursday, August 5

Cdiscount Mobile hits a big blow with 60 GB at 3.99 euros

For just a few days, Cdiscount Mobile offers a 60 GB mobile plan at 3.99 euros per month for 6 months. This is the best offer in terms of “data / price” ratio to which it is currently possible to subscribe.

Cdiscount Mobile once again breaks the price of its new mobile plan by offering the best data / price ratio of the moment. For only 3.99 euros, it has a mobile data envelope of 60 GB per month for 6 months. Please note, the offer is only valid until November 9.

The most generous mobile plan of the moment

Cdiscount Mobile currently offers the largest mobile data envelope at the best price. Indeed, for only 3.99 euros per month for 6 months, this plan includes 60 GB of mobile data. A large enough envelope to meet the needs of the vast majority of users. As a reminder, in 2019, the average consumption of 4G of the French was 8.3 GB per month.

In addition, the Cdiscount mobile plan has the essential elements of a good mobile plan, namely:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France
  • a 5 GB envelope for use in Europe and DOM

This promotion on the Cdiscount Mobile mobile plan is valid for 6 months. This package is also non-binding, which means that you can cancel at any time without having to pay any fees. Finally, Cdiscount undertakes to send the SIM card within 48 hours after validation of the file. Enough to take advantage of your mobile plan very quickly.

The Cdiscount Mobile network

Cdiscount Mobile is an MVNO, which means that it will borrow the network infrastructures of other operators to offer its own coverage. In the case of Cdiscount Mobile, the networks of three major operators are used: Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR. It is assigned automatically to the user, but in the event of poor reception at home, it is possible to contact customer service to request a change of coverage.

Changing mobile plans is child’s play

Gone are the days when you had to send documents by post to change your mobile plan. From now on, it is the new operator who takes care of all the procedures for you.

When subscribing, enter your RIO code to keep your phone number.

When subscribing, enter your RIO code to keep your phone number.

When subscribing to the Cdiscount Mobile package, all you have to do is enter your RIO ID to start the migration to the new operator if you want to keep the same phone number. To obtain this identifier, dial 31 79 from the relevant telephone line. Once the RIO identifier has been shared with Cdiscount Mobile, the line change takes place. You will be notified by SMS when the Cdiscount Mobile SIM card is active.

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