Wednesday, April 14

Carrefour is helping out

In collaboration with the start-up Virvolt, Carrefour has opened an electrification workshop thanks to which you can transform your mechanical bicycle into an electric bicycle.

In full explosion for a year now, the electric bicycle market is full of references addressed to all budgets. Retailers are now facing strong demand, and delivery times can sometimes be very long. Fortunately, other alternatives exist instead of simply acquiring a trendy bicycle.

Always more democratize the electric bicycle

One of them is to transform your muscle bike into an electric bike, thanks to a conversion kit. In short, a kind of retrofit, which switches your cycle from one category to another. A specialist in the field, the start-up Virvolt has joined forces with Carrefour to democratize this practice among the general public.

The Carrefour hypermarket located in the heart of the Carré-Sénart shopping center (77) thus hosts a 20 m² workshop dedicated to “electrification and minute bike repair», Writes Jérôme Gaymard, founder of Virvolt.

This unique service is part of a circular economy approach by giving bicycles a second life and also makes clean and sustainable mobility accessible to all.

This conversion has a cost, however: count 820 euros minimum (wheel motor kit) to draw a line on your mechanical bike. The batteries are, for their part, “installed within 48 hours directly in the store“. The company describes them as light and high-end.

A price that questions

The electrification workshop is open every afternoon from Monday to Saturday with the presence of a Virvolt expert in charge of “meet customer needs, attach batteries and make necessary repairs to their bikes», Continue the two partners.

One can however wonder about the amount of 820 euros to be paid to transform his mount. Today, several new models are snapping up at this price. Better: bicycles sold for 1300 euros can drop to 800 euros thanks to the financial bonuses set up according to the cities, departments and regions.

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