Wednesday, October 21

Can you tell the difference between this Turkish supermarket chain and Mercadona?

Between inspiration and copying, the Turkish supermarket chain File shows excessive similarities with Mercadona, even in the logo itself. We have seen on numerous occasions that in some countries original products are copied in a more or less blatant way or counterfeits are created, but rarely can it be seen that the strategy of one supermarket chain is so identical to another. This occurs with the Turkish File supermarkets, which could well be Mercadona. Up to 93 supermarkets have File open, one of the extensions of the Turkish giant BIM. If you want to find one of them, all you have to do is look for a Mercadona, since in the very logo of the company you can see the little disguised inspiration they have had in Spanish supermarkets. But this is not the only identical thing, as if it were a continuous déjà vu, its Harris brand of products is also very similar to Hacendado and many of its own products have similarities in the designs, although with slight differences in the names and drawings. You can check all this on the File website itself. Buying a cheap laptop PC is not an easy task: you do not want to spend a lot of money, but you are not willing to give up basic technical characteristics for the use that you are going to give it. In this guide we show you how to get the purchase right. It is enough to see the outside of the supermarket to get an idea, as they have shared in their article in El Mundo: Juan Roig’s successful chain has had a ‘white label’ on the other side of the Mediterranean. His name is File. And there, it could be said, the differences that this Turkish line of supermarkets have with Mercadona end – EL MUNDO (@elmundoes) October 7, 2020 According to statements collected by El Mundo, the chief of operations of BIM, Galip Aykaç, recognized years ago his inspiration in supermarkets in other countries and affirms that “While we were examining America, I said to look in Europe and we went to Spain. There we saw the market leader, Mercadona.” This obvious inspiration may surprise us that if it were to be located in our country, we well know that it would end up in the courts, but the difficulties in taking legal action with this Turkish chain are more than notorious. In any case, the question that many Spanish tourists may ask themselves is whether, when the flights finally open, they would visit a File supermarket if they went to Turkey.

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