Friday, October 30

Build it however you want: modular electric cars are now a reality

Their creators call them “scooters”, but they are true electric cars and vans, which can even work autonomously. Where is the motor? Sure you guessed it … Many believed that I couldn’t pull it off, but here’s the proof. Ree Auto already has its modular electric vehicles ready, which can revolutionize the automotive industry. Not only that: they can also function as modular autonomous vehicles. Ree Auto is an Israeli company that has realized an important feature, regarding electric and autonomous vehicles: they open the doors to new forms of transportation. With electricity, we will not only have city cars, road cars or vans. There will be many types of customized vehicles for different functions: urban mobility, parcel, tourism, cargo, last-mile vehicles, one-person, mopeds that can circulate on the bike lane … Developing all of them independently is very expensive, that’s why Ree Auto has opted for a modular design: a scooter, as they call it, that contains all the technology, and where manufacturers assemble the body they need. And it is not a project: here we can see them in action: What we see in the video are the modular platforms P1, P2 and P4, each with different functions. But they all share a completely flat design. The key is in the wheels, which not only contain an engine: also the brakes, suspension, steering, vehicle electronics, etc. And everything is 100% configurable. You can add more or less suspension, more or less speed, smoothness of turn, power, braking, two or four wheel drive, etc., depending on the type of car. The result is that it is possible to configure a large number of vehicles on the same platform: from transport vans to city cars, road cars, trucks, etc. In electric and autonomous configurations. In this other video you have a description of the technology: The P1 module that we can see in the first video has been designed for compact last-mile vehicles: traveling from home to work, parcel delivery, shopping, etc. Module P2 is that class 1 cars will use it to drive around the city. The P4 module is designed to transport cargo. It has a wider base and will be used mainly for vans and urban passenger transport. It also has more autonomy. When buying an electric scooter it is normal that you have many doubts. So that you know what you have to look for, in this guide we explain everything you must take into account to choose the most suitable model for you. The use of these modular platforms will lower costs for manufacturers and companies, and will offer more customization to vehicles. Brands like Toyota have already been interested in them, and want to use them with their trucks, like the one presented this week.

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