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Bouygues Telecom opens its network on December 1


On the occasion of its third quarter 2020 results, Bouygues Telecom has given a date for the launch of its 5G commercial network. It’s a matter of days.

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The Bouygues group has just published its results for the third quarter of 2020 and takes the opportunity to take stock of the first nine months of this very special year and put forward some forecasts for the months to come. This is also an opportunity for the Bouygues Telecom branch to announce a date for the commercial opening of its 5G network.

5G at Bouygues Telecom, a matter of days

The first auctions for 5G frequencies took place last October and the 4 operators were thus able to distribute the blocks on the 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band. Bouygues Telecom thus obtained 70 MHz in this spectrum at the price “reasonable“Of 602 million euros, allowing it to grant itself” nearly a quarter of the available French spectrum “(22.58% more precisely). For comparison, Free Mobile got the same number of blocks, while SFR has 80 MHz and Orange has 90 MHz.

The deployment, authorized by Arcep on November 18, is now only waiting for the green light from ANFR and Bouygues Telecom is already drawing up a first forecast roadmap. We learn that the 3rd operator will open its commercial 5G network from December 1, 2020, « with a national coverage target within a year“. Deployment should therefore be much faster than for 4G, even if this national coverage will not only be at 3.5 GHz, but also based on a gradual migration of frequencies already deployed for 4G.

This deployment will take place in two main stages. The first one “will provide capacity to maintain a good quality of service in very dense areas“, While the second”will promote new uses for individuals and businesses thanks to its new features (low latency, better speed, etc.) ».

4G is not abandoned

« We would already like 4G coverage”, We hear regularly during debates on 5G. Bouygues Telecom therefore promises to pursue the densification of its network in parallel, both in 5G and 4G. The objective is to offer more than 28,000 sites by 2023. Bouygues Telecom currently has just under 20,000.

It is now up to other operators to follow suit and give a more precise date on the availability of 5G.

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