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Bouygues Telecom draws an aggressive 5G option at 3 euros per month

The operator Bouyges Telecom has deployed a new 5G option reserved on the one hand, for customers subscribed to the Sensation package, and on the other hand, for B & You customers. Cost of the offer: only three euros per month.

The battle for 5G has only just begun, and should especially last throughout the coming years. The new mobile telephony standard has already been deployed by Bouygues Telecom since December 1, 2020 – although a network failure observed on December 2 spoiled the party a little – and the operator intends to do so. enjoy its subscribers.

An option at 3 euros

The French company has indeed set up a new very affordable 5G option, but only reserved for its customers. Which ? Those who have subscribed to a Sensation subscription of 20 GB or more, and all B & You users, as explained on its practical guide page. There is no question here of changing the offer, but rather of subscribing to an additional option that gives you access to 5G.

The said option should make people happy with regard to its price: three euros per month only, provided you have a 5G compatible smartphone, obviously, and live in a 5G area covered by Bouygues Telecom. At the time of writing, twenty French cities are concerned. The group was also the first to launch a 5G package without commitment. Note, however, that while Bouygues’ 5G offers are more expensive, they generally offer a much larger data envelope – with 60 to 120 GB of data – than these 4G offers which can be transformed into 5G.

Bouyges Telecom: how to access the 5G option?

To access it from the mobile application, all you have to do is connect to your account and click on “My line”, then “Add an option”. The offer will be there. On the website, also log into your account, and click on the “Add options” tab normally located at the bottom left of your interface.

Customers concerned can subscribe to the option on this link.

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