Monday, November 30

Bouygues Telecom adds unlimited weekend Internet to its B & You packages

Bouygues Telecom is finally offering something new with its non-binding B & You mobile plans. Whether the 80 or 100 GB offer, both now benefit from unlimited internet on weekends at no extra cost.

Just before the Black Friday period, Bouygues Telecom wakes up to offer something new with its B & You mobile plans without obligation. The price remains the same, but the two offers with the largest amounts of 4G data now benefit unlimited Internet access on weekends. Spotify is also offered for 3 months.

In short

  • A large 4G envelope with unlimited Internet on weekends
  • Packages without commitment and without condition of duration
  • And especially without a price which doubles after the first year

Until November 18, 2020, the B & You 80 and 100 GB mobile plans are respectively available at 14.99 euros per month and 19.99 euros per month with Unlimited internet on weekends at no extra cost.

Note that the B & You 100 MB package at 4.99 euros per month is also available, but it does not get the benefits of free Spotify for 3 months and unlimited internet access on weekends.

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B & You mobile plans without commitment will be of great interest to those who are greedy in 4G data. With 80 or 100 GB of data to use everywhere in France, it is already the promise of being able to watch series in streaming, play online video games or even connection sharing for your tablet / computer.

Add to that the unlimited Internet option on weekends and you will no longer need to monitor your monthly consumption on a daily basis. It will even be more possible to use a 4G box to have Internet at home if your ADSL connection is not great.

In both cases, Bouygues Telecom’s two non-binding offers offer the classic combo of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number. The only difference comes from the 4G envelope allocated abroad, with 10 GB for one and 15 GB for the other.

Finally, note that it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order to obtain the new triple-cut SIM. The change of operator is done without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and you just need to provide the RIO code of your line when registering!

4G plan comparison

In order to always discover more mobile offers, we invite you now to use our comparator to find the best 4G plans without commitment from the moment.

Giga Prixtel Series 4G Package 50 – 200 GB

5 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

50 Go – 200 Go

NRJ Mobile Limited Series – 150 GB

1 week

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

150 Go

RED Forfait 4G – 80 Go

4 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

80 Go

All mobile plans

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