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Bose quality comes at a price with these discounted wireless headphones


If active noise reduction is not a feature you covet and you are looking above all for good wireless headphones at an affordable price, the Bose SoundLink II on sale on Amazon at 119 euros (instead of 229) is here. for you.

The SoundLink II is no longer very young after 4 years of existence on the market, but it is all the same a wireless headset that benefits from the know-how of Bose. It is comfortable with a convincing sound reproduction and represents today an economical solution to equip yourself at a low price when it is on sale.

In short

  • Bose sound quality
  • Comfort in the ears
  • Autonomy of about fifteen hours

Instead of 229 euros at its launch, the Bose SoundLink II is currently available on sale at only 119 euros on Amazon, in two colors: black and blanc.

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The Bose SoundLink II sports the classic design of the American brand’s wireless headphones. It is sober, but elegant and adds a little touch of blue color to differentiate itself from the others. It is a comfortable product thanks to its padded and light pads with a weight of only 200 grams. The headband is obviously adjustable and the ear cups pivot to best suit your body type.

These wireless headphones enjoy good sound quality. The sound is powerful, clear, well balanced and otherwise without too much distortion when the volume is pushed to the maximum. It obviously does not reach the excellence of the recent Bose Headphones 700, but it is more than enough to listen to your favorite playlists on Spotify and others. Active noise reduction is not here either, but the SoundLink II already benefits from good passive isolation thanks to its format circum-aural.

It still has other qualities for an aging wireless headset, such as multipoint Bluetooth. It can then be paired with two different devices to easily switch from one to the other without performing the traditional disconnection then reconnection manipulation. This is very practical on a daily basis, especially to switch from the computer to the smartphone automatically when you receive a call, for example.

Regarding autonomy, it is announced at around fifteen hours according to the manufacturer. The Bose SoundLink II charges via microUSB and still manages to deliver up to 2 hours of audio playback with a small charge of less than 20 minutes. That being said, the endurance is inexhaustible with the 3.5mm jack cable, but you won’t have access to the many features of the headset.

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