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Boks, a connected letterbox that will secure your packages to be collected


To facilitate the delivery of parcels to your home in a secure manner, there is now Boks. A French idea for a giant connected letterbox to receive your parcels and collect them at any time with a one-time code for the delivery person.

The Boks Hub to receive parcels from several apartments in a building

The Boks Hub to receive packages from several apartments in a building // Gamesdone: Boks

Tired of your packages that are dropped off, but disappear before you pick them up, or even that just never get dropped off in your absence? Two French entrepreneurs, Adrien Oksman and Olivier de Rodellec, came up with the idea of ​​a box large enough to accommodate packages of all sizes, for offices, single-family homes or buildings.

Thus was born Boks, a kind of home concierge available 24 hours a day. Because the parcel box is connected and can thus receive or take out the boxes at any time. All you need to do is have the code to unlock the door. This code is for one-time use and thus allows better control. You will know, from the app, if your package has been delivered and by whom.

Use without internet or electricity

Boks promises many benefits. The box does not require any electrical or internet connection, which will facilitate its installation in any space. The power is supplied by lithium battery with the promise of an autonomy of two to three years. For connections between the device and your smartphone, this goes through Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Boks is resistant to weathering and UV rays, but also to break-ins with a robust material. All you need to do is secure the product to the floor using the screws provided. There are four types of models:

  • Boks One for detached houses up to 4 users (98 L)
  • Boks Hub for buildings up to 30 apartments (215 L)
  • Boks Pro for businesses and professionals (215 or 768 L)
  • Boks C&C for shops (configuration of up to 13 lockers for click & collect)
The Boks Hub box

The Boks Hub box // Gamesdone: Boks

Little more: the Boks One model includes an opening to slide the mail. A good way to do two-in-one. It should be noted that it is still necessary to provide a substantial space to install your Boks.

Boks for packages of all sizes

The operation is quite simple. You use the Boks application to generate an opening code to provide to the delivery person with the registration of your box (single-use, multiple-use, permanent code). Then just add the code in the delivery address in additional information / delivery instructions. Boks explains that the different delivery organizations are starting to be made aware of the concept and the delivery people know how to decipher the added mention.

The delivery man then types the code on the digital code and slips the package inside. Boxes are designed to accommodate universal package sizes. If there is any problem with the code at the time of delivery, you can generate one over the phone.

To collect your parcel, all you have to do is open your Boks from the Bluetooth app. A security key in the event of a problem or a dead battery is also provided. It is possible to give several accesses to the device to collect packages (family members, neighbor, customers, colleagues, etc.). The app lets you control the use of the Boks and take advantage of additional free features.

Price and availability of Boks

The Boks are already available on the brand’s website. It starts at 299 euros for the Boks One model for home and up to 4990 euros excluding tax for systems with several lockers. The Boks Pro business model starts at 690 euros HT with subscription options. Boks Hub for buildings operates by monthly subscription depending on the number of units (from 1.90 euros per unit and per month).


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