Saturday, September 25

Big boost for Google Chrome, App Store commission and 5G in France


Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what marked Wednesday, November 18: Google Chrome 87, the 5G situation and the reduction in Apple’s commission for certain players in the App Store. To not miss any news, consider subscribing to the Frandroid newsletter.

Google Chrome 87, all beautiful, all fresh

As often, the Google Chrome browser is updating. However, this new version 87 promises a very significant performance gain, unlike anything seen in years.

App Store: Apple becomes more lenient with small developers

Still mired in its conflict with Epic Games (Fortnite) around this theme, Apple announced to reduce the commission it received on the App Store from small developers. For the big players, however, the rules remain unchanged. The business of the apple will therefore continue to run smoothly a priori.

Real-false start for 5G in France

The commercial deployment of 5G in France had been validated by Arcep for the day of November 18, 2020. However, one step has not yet been fulfilled: the ANFR has not yet given its blessing. In any case, it is good to point out that 5G will be made available in France gradually over the coming months… and years.

As a bonus, our tests

Yesterday, Wednesday November 18, we also published two tests:

PS5, Xbox, Switch, GeForce and Radeon: the video game is ready for a new golden age

The Nintendo Switch is a hit, Sony has regained shape thanks to the PlayStation 4, Microsoft is fully investing in Xbox and the PC has never been better. If 2020 has been crossed …
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