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beware, wireless charging could mark iPhone 12 leather cases

MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 leather cases could be marked with a circular trace after a wireless charging session, according to a footnote posted on the accessory’s support page.

During its keynote on October 13, the Cupertino group not only presented its new range of iPhone 12, but also a 15 W magnetic wireless charging technology compatible from the iPhone 8. On the other hand, only its newly introduced models – iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max – could take advantage of the magnetic system thanks to magnets installed for the occasion.

Apple is explicit

This technology has a clear and precise advantage: fixing and optimally positioning the iPhone during a charging session. And to accompany it, the Californian company will logically launch a series of accessories: a wallet has already been cited as an example alongside shells, which therefore accommodate magnets to be able to operate the system.

Apple MagSafe

MagSage wireless charging comes to the new generation of iPhone

Except that a recent article from MacRumors would like to warn future users: MagSafe could indeed leave a circular mark on the back of the cases. The media relies both on the product support page and an image published on its forum, on which can be seen a mark affixed to a silicone case of iPhone 12 Pro.

Silicone cases normally spared

Said support page is self-explanatory : « If you leave your iPhone in a leather case while charging with MagSafe, then the case may have a circular imprint on the contact. », Warns a footnote. The accessory in question will also be available from November 6.

Apple also advises customers to remove all metal covers and card holders with MagSafe technology during a charging session. On the other hand, the firm from across the Atlantic ensures that you can leave a MagSafe silicone shell, some models of which are already available at a price of 55 euros. Which therefore contradicts the photo posted on the forum.

If the consequences would only be aesthetic, it is never the most pleasant to invest in an accessory liable to be “damaged” by a technology deployed by a brand you trust.

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