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Bentley would bet on a sedan for its first luxury electric car

According to the British media Autocar, the luxury brand Bentley would opt for a raised electric sedan as a first step in the world of trendy vehicles.

At the beginning of November, Bentley lifted the veil on its short and medium-term roadmap as part of its Beyond 100 event. The opportunity to learn that the Volkswagen subsidiary would undertake a 100% electric shift from 2030, while by then observing technological developments in the sector. The idea is not to rush, but to offer an experience worthy of the name to its customers.

An elevated electric sedan

The point is, the UK-based luxury brand plans to step up to the plate well ahead of the aforementioned date. And according to the specialized site Coach, its first electric vehicle would land for the 2025 vintage, in the form of an elevated sedan inspired by the Bentley EXP 100 GT concept. A very futuristic concept supposed to represent the group’s long-term vision in terms of mobility.

Said sedan would also benefit from a new bespoke architecture potentially designed as part of the Artemis project, overseen by Audi. The fact is that the vehicle is only in its conceptual phase in view of the long years that separate us from its release. The boss of Bentley, in the person of Adrian Hallmark, still distilled some first clues as to the future positioning of his electric cars.

120 kWh batteries

The group would seek in particular to increase its female clientele, and to offer “vehicles more relevant to future urban environments», We can read. The interested party would also rely on batteries from 110 to 120 kWh to guarantee a large autonomy to its users. The group will finally focus on the aerodynamics of their four wheels thanks to a refined body.

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