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Belkin launches more ambitious new True wireless headphones

After launching its first headphones and a speaker designed with Devialet, Belkin wants to continue its efforts in audio. Here are the Soundform Freedom, true wireless headphones with good battery life, a neat design and the possibility of easily finding them in case of loss.

Belkin's New True Wireless Soundform Freedom Headphones

Belkin’s new True Wireless Soundform Freedom headphones // Gamesdone: Belkin

Long known for its accessories, cables and other adapters of all kinds, Belkin wants to take a new direction. The American brand has decided to make audio one of its priorities for 2021.

« We refocused our resources on audio and accessories compatible with MagSafe, the charging technology of the latest iPhone 12 from Apple. Jen Warren, Director of Global Communications and Vice President of Belkin, told Frandroid. ” We started last year with our first speaker designed with Devialet and a first pair of wireless headphones. We want to go even further in 2021, with products that resemble us. “

And to continue on this path, Belkin unveils a new pair of wireless headphones. This model is this time much more elaborate than its first attempt, the Soundform Earbuds True Wireless, sold at a low price (60 euros) and without much advantages except for an honorable quality of sound.

Belkin's first attempt at Soundform headphones

Soundform headphones released in 2020, Belkin’s first attempt to hit the market

A model that goes upmarket

As part of CES 2021, which is being held virtually, the company presented the Soundform Freedom, stylish true wireless headphones. Presented in a more rounded case than their predecessors, they feature a new designglossyon the outside of the ear cup and mat on the inside of the stem.

Each earpiece has a Qualcomm 5.2 Bluetooth SoC on board. Belkin promises sound clarity, with powerful bass and high sound quality on call, with background noise attenuation. There are two microphones for this (one at the top, one at the bottom of the headphones). They have a range of 10 meters, compatibility with aptX codecs. Touch controls are on the top of the headset.

The Soundform Freedom have ambient noise reduction thanks to adapted tips (3 sizes) which will allow reinforced sound insulation, an IPX5 certification for resistance to sweat and splashing. The detection sensor positioned on the top allows you to mute the music if you remove the earpiece from your ear and reactivate it if you put it back.

Long-term autonomy

The matching case has a magnetic opening which gives an aspect of solidity to the whole. It also loves the headphones in their place to prevent them from escaping in the event of an unexpected drop.

Belkin's New True Wireless Soundform Freedom Headphones

Belkin’s new True Wireless Soundform Freedom headphones // Gamesdone: Belkin

The box is recharged by induction or via its USB-C port which replaces the micro-USB port of the first model. It is thus possible to recover two hours of autonomy in 15 minutes (1h30 for a 100% charge). Each earpiece allows 8 hours of continuous listening (60 mAh x 2), to which are added 20 hours thanks to the case.

Find your headphones with Apple devices

Like AirPods, Soundform Freedom can rely on research technology from Apple. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or more, they’ll appear in the Find My app using Apple’s Network Finder feature. You can better find them if you have lost them, by seeing their last recorded position on the map.

The Soundform Freedom will be available in black or white, and marketed from March at 129.99 euros on the Belkin website as well as from partner resellers.

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