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Bayard and Radio France will design a connected speaker for children

Developed internally, the Chouette Radio project is carried by Radio France in partnership with Bayard, the press group specializing in children’s content. Everything should take the form of a connected speaker for the youngest.

A Google Home mini speaker

A Google Home mini speaker // Gamesdone: Google

Children also have the right to their connected product. And this time around, it should come in the form of an enclosure tailor-made – and secure – for them.

Radio France and the Bayard press group have formalized their partnership to give birth to Chouette Radio, a connected speaker for children in order to allow them to access “quality” audio content carried by public radio and the press specialist. youth.

A project designed by Radio France employees and parents

Initiated in 2019, Chouette Radio is a project of the internal Radio France accelerator (therefore of employees), accompanied by parents. Everything was submitted during a CSE of the public media group last week, France Info’s SNJ said on Twitter. Everything would have been validated by the Competition Authority in early March.

The owl radio is an object, but also a bank of programs (with Bayard) so that children finally have their own media. A project resulting from the internal idea accelerator (employee proposals) #csecRF

— SNJ Radio France (@snj_rf) March 24, 2021

Bayard’s strength, radio know-how

According to The echoes, Chouette Radio will take the form of a connected speaker allowing children to navigate in a universe of secure content designed for them. Bayard will thus bring its catalog (I like Reading, Astrapi, Pomme d’Api) and Radio France, its know-how in terms of podcasts in particular.

The Caisse des Dépôts, thus representing the Ministry of Culture, would be associated with the project to the tune of 1.4 million euros, advance Press Correspondence, against 350,000 euros for Bayard like Radio France. The three partners would thus create a commercial company to carry the speaker which would be chargeable, with content partly free and others on subscription. None of the three parties commented on the information to the various media.

A first connected speaker 100% for children

Bayard is used to digital content dedicated to young people. The press group thus gave birth to Bayam, an application for children from 3 to 10 years old featuring its heroes and flagship content. Bayard has also partnered with the free edutainment game project PowerZ, initiated by Emmanuel Freund and former employees of Blade, the startup behind the cloud computing service Shadow.

No connected speaker, under the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or Google Home, had so far taken the side of content dedicated to children. Some smart alarm clocks included Amazon Alexa, but without real guarantees on the protection of the data of minors. Only Lunii, with its concept of a customizable story box, had bet on an object for children, but without really providing access to streaming services, podcasts and other types of programs. This often required the use of secure applications and environments on tablets or smartphones.

Chouette Radio could therefore act as a pioneer in France. On the condition of offering all the guarantees of data protection, securing content for children and assurance that they will be able to use it easily and without risk. It also remains to be seen exactly for whom this product is intended. Children aged 3 to 10 seem to be targeted and this would be a good initiative to give them back a taste for stories… more than screens.

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