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B & You (Bouygues Telecom) in turn increases the price of its packages

Will you take 3 euros more back on your bill? Grand prince, Bouygues Telecom increases the price of your B & You package by adding a few additional GB in the process.

« We all need internet every day on our smartphone “. This is how the e-mail that many B & You customers have received in recent days begins, recalling that mobile data consumption in France has increased by 35% in one year. You will understand, the branch without commitment of Bouygues Telecom offers its subscribers a larger data envelope. This comes with two bad news, however: a price increase and an automatic change unless the customer explicitly waives this ” advantage ».

It is now a custom among operators. After a recent increase in a RED by SFR package that caused the creation of the hashtag #MensCommeRedBySfr, it is B & You’s turn to attract the wrath of its subscribers.

B & You raises its prices

Several offers were thus offered (not to say imposed) to their customers. At Frandroid, for example, we received an email to warn us that a 50 GB package at 16.99 euros per month goes to 19.99 euros per month for 80 GB. The offer is nevertheless interesting since it includes 5G , while before that it was optional at 3 euros per month.

B & You price increase email

B & You price increase email // Gamesdone: Frandroid

But the surprise was not so good for everyone. For example, a customer shares a similar email on Twitter for an increase of 4 euros for a 20 GB package going to 40 GB. A significant increase for an offer originally subscribed to only 5 euros.

@pigeon_telecom I just had the “mandatory” increase at @Bouygues Telecom from 4.99 to 8.99 for a change from 20 to 40go #OnEstTousDesPigeons #MensCommeRedBySfr #MensCommeBAndYou #LesPromesses

— David (@MonPetitDov) February 11, 2021

We will also note that the same email on the same offer, but this time shared by 01net reports an increase of only 3 euros instead of 4.

A legal increase

Unfortunately, if we on our side have the possibility of refusing the increase in our package, the beneficiaries of a low-cost offer are forced to accept this price increase or to terminate their subscription. And Bouygues Telecom is legal.

In fact, in accordance with article 224-33 of the Consumer Code, Bouygues is only obliged to warn its subscribers one month in advance and to give them the possibility of terminating their subscription free of charge until within 4 months after the termination. modification of the offer.

If you are one of the unhappy customers, do not hesitate to take a look at our comparator of the best mobile plans, you may find what you are looking for.

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