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Avidsen launches connected thermostatic valve for all types of radiator

French specialist in connected solutions, Avidsen launches HomeTap, a connected thermostatic valve, suitable for all radiators and very easy to install.

The HomeTap connected thermostatic valve

The HomeTap connected thermostatic valve // ​​Gamesdone: Avidsen

Save money. This is the avowed goal of many connected objects for the home today. Light, thermostat, heating… all contribute to making us aware of our consumption of electricity or gas in particular.

Among the frequently discussed problems, the heating bill and the management of the interior temperature are on the charts. Avidsen, a French company specializing in home automation, has come up with an interesting solution. HomeTap is a connected thermostatic valve that will help you manage your radiators and thus reduce your bill.

Set the temperature from afar

HomeTap comes in the form of a somewhat imposing module to be installed on your water heater. It will allow you to adjust the temperature to the nearest half-degree, to better regulate the installation permanently from the mobile application.

HomeTap Valve Kit

HomeTap valve kit // Gamesdone: Avidsen

Avidsen promises compatibility with all types of radiators and simplified installation. All that is required is to unscrew the old installed thermostatic valve or replace the original valve. A kit of fixing rings is supplied if the valve ring does not match the dimensions of the radiator (M30 and M28 rings, as well as adapters compatible with Danfoss valves).

To connect HomeTap, it’s just as easy, promises Avidsen. Wireless, the product connects to your Wi-Fi via the Avidsen Home app and a connection bridge to plug into an electrical outlet, centrally enough in the house to manage all the valves (up to 16 can be synchronized in parallel which will do constant regulation work). The range is several tens of meters, enough to see coming.

Control your heating by voice

The app allows you to choose your temperature, but also to define time schedules, to set up heating routines or to adjust according to the time of day. You can then control your valves by voice and Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. Data exchanged between the app and the Avidsen cloud is encrypted using a highly secure protocol. And the app also allows you to manage your heating away from home.

The Avidsen Home app for connected valves

The Avidsen Home app for connected valves // Gamesdone: Avidsen

It is possible to operate HomeTap with the rest of the Avidsen connected products, in particular the window opening detectors to switch off the radiator if necessary, or the new HomeFlow thermostats (from 69 euros) which attach to the boiler (gas , fuel oil, condensation or non-reversible heat pump). They probe the temperature of the house for permanent local regulation. This also allows heating management to continue even in the event of an internet failure.

The connected valve with its fixing rings is available at 49.90 euros. It is possible to get a pack with a valve, rings and a connection bridge for 149.90 euros. Everything is for sale on the site

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