Monday, April 12

autoplay videos would soon be restricted by the browser

Are you horrified by videos that automatically launch on the Internet? Microsoft should soon change the behavior of Microsoft Edge with this type of content.

By relaunching its browser on a Chromium basis, Microsoft has managed to restore the image of Microsoft Edge a little. The browser benefits from new features regularly with some interesting exclusives for Windows 10 users, and is fluid and responsive on a daily basis. It has thus become a credible alternative to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or alternative browsers like Brave.

There is one subject, however, on which Microsoft has not yet evolved, it is the behavior of its browser concerning autoplay videos, that is to say those which are launched automatically when a page loads. Some sites may abuse this practice which can become annoying for the user. The firm will change the default behavior of Microsoft Edge.

Stricter behavior in Canary version

The Techdows site has indeed spotted a change in the Canary version of the browser. With this version, Microsoft Edge limits by default autoplay videos on sites you have not visited: “the media will play based on how you visited the page and whether you have interacted with media in the past.“. The sites you usually visit will therefore still be able to offer autoplay videos.

Until now, the default setting for the parameter in question has been “all media files are played automatically“. All versions of Microsoft Edge allow this setting to be changed in “Cookies and Site Permissions” under “Media Autoplay”.

Microsoft could also add a new option on this parameter to completely block autoplay videos, whether on frequently visited sites or not.

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