Sunday, May 16

audio and video calls are preparing to arrive

The web version of WhatsApp contains elements suggesting the imminent arrival of two new features: audio calls and video calls.

Of all the instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is particularly popular. Not only because it is one of the first messengers of its kind to appear on our smartphones, but also because it is relatively complete and evolves quite regularly over time.

The WABetaInfo site specializes in discovering these new features by digging directly into beta versions to activate snippets of code in development. This is how 2 new functions are now shown in more detail.

Audio and video calls come to the web

Already seen in version 2.2037.6 of the application desktop WhatsApp in the form of simple icons, calls and video calls become a little more concrete. WABetaInfo has indeed succeeded in activating the windows of this feature which should appear in beta soon.

We can see that when receiving a call, a pop-up opens, similar to what is displayed on the screen of our smartphone during a WhatsApp call, with the name and icon the contact and two buttons, to answer or decline the call. Conversely, when making a call, the pop-up is smaller, with a few buttons to hang up, mute the microphone or activate the camera.

WABetaInfo further specifies that group calls are also supported, both in audio and video.

Calls still in beta

At the moment, this feature has only been enabled by modifying the WhatsApp web application, so there is no need to look for it in your interface. The fact that it is also successful, however, suggests that its activation is very close and that we should be able to benefit from it shortly.

It is possible that when deployed, these features will still be labeled beta, meaning that bugs can occur.

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