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as expected, Tesla increases its price even in France


As noted by Electrek, the price of the Tesla Model S Plaid increased by 10,000 euros on the French configurator, a day before the special event which will mark the first deliveries of the vehicle.

The new Tesla Model S 2021

The new Tesla Model S 2021

As expected, 10,000 euros were added to the price of the Plaid version in France. It goes from 119,990 to 129,990 euros. If you had already pre-ordered your Model S Plaid… well done, you’ve saved 10,000 euros.

Original article from June 10, 2021:

As usual, you have to hold on tight to follow and understand Tesla’s catalog. There are many price changes, as are the reversals in the situation where certain electric models appear and then disappear from the catalog a few weeks or months later.

Lately, it is to everyone’s surprise that Elon Musk announced the outright abandonment of the Tesla Model S Plaid +, the most expensive, powerful and enduring version of the trendy sedan. In return, the Grande Autonomie version was making a comeback at a more reasonable price of 89,990 euros.

Plus $ 10,000 on the final note

The Tesla Model S Plaid, it has not undergone any particular change … until the American manufacturer decides to increase the final score, as noted Electrek. In total, an additional $ 10,000 is requested from future clients, for a total of $ 129,990. Please note: this increase is currently only valid in the United States.

Indeed, the French configurator still shows a price of 119,990 euros, the same from the start. Except that the tariff increases observed across the Atlantic have sometimes, even often, subsequently been applied to other markets. It will be important to stay alert over the next few weeks.

This increase does not occur at any time: it takes place a few hours before the special event which will mark the launch of deliveries of the new Tesla Model S. Without a doubt, customers who have already ordered their model will not pay this revaluation. Only new buyers will have to pay it.

However, if Tesla reveals some surprises and crisper details about its new generation Model S, as imagined Electrek, a small spike in orders could take place immediately afterwards. With, for the Californian firm, juicier revenues thanks to this increase.

A link with the supply chain?

At present, it is difficult to find a clear and justified explanation for this decision making. At the beginning of June, the boss of SpaceX provided the beginning of a response to the price increases in the catalog: according to him, the supply chain would suffer price increases, especially at the level of raw materials.

Except that this justification concerned the Model 3 and the Model Y at the time, and not the Model S. Perhaps the person concerned will raise the subject and provide more explanations at the launch event.

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