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Arlo smart doorbell price drops for the first time on Amazon

Arlo is renowned for its surveillance cameras and recently launched its first connected doorbell with Full HD video support. This, soberly named Arlo Video Doorbell, benefits from an unprecedented reduction and goes from 199 to 170 euros on Amazon.

Connected doorbells are starting to become more and more democratic, and therefore to lower their price a little. This is precisely the case of the reference Arlo Video Doorbell, a proud competitor of the Nest and Ring products, which benefits for the first time from an attractive price reduction. This is also not negligible since it amounts to 30 euros.

In short

  • Mandatory integration into the Arlo system
  • Video quality, with HDR and night vision
  • Connects wired, so no battery problems

Instead of 199 euros, the connected doorbell Arlo Video Doorbell is now available on sale at 170 euros on Amazon.

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The Arlo Video Doorbell is in line with the brand’s other cameras in terms of design, including this black lacquered front surrounded by a white plastic shell. It is also quite discreet next to the front door thanks to its small dimensions of 13 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm. This is obviously designed to stay outdoors, resistant to water or UV rays despite no IP certification specified.

Compared to the main competitors Nest and Ring, this connected doorbell has the particularity of being wired. This obviously allows it never to run out of battery and to ensure continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the installation is therefore not very easy for a simple handyman on Sunday. … We advise you to call a professional even if the transformer is delivered with it.

It connects to Wi-Fi with a range of 20 to 25 meters, necessarily being added to the Arlo ecosystem already installed in your home, otherwise it is impossible to use it. That being said, regulars will have no difficulty in taking it in hand. The software installation is extremely simple and the application offers many possibilities, including the 3-second preview before motion detection or even parcel detection. There is also no chime, since it is your smartphone that will notify you directly, where it will suffice to answer like a phone or video call, without having to open the application first.

As for the video quality, it is excellent and the sensor with HDR makes it possible to obtain a detailed image in all light situations, day or night thanks to its night vision. The 180 ° viewing angle is then one of its greatest strengths in getting as much as possible on the screen. The microphone is also well made, although it tends to overload if you push the volume too high.

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