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Arlo introduces a doorbell that rings before you even touch it

Multiplying product releases lately, Arlo took advantage of CES 2021 to unveil two new features: a contactless video doorbell and an indoor camera.

Arlo wireless video doorbell

Arlo wireless video doorbell // Gamesdone: Arlo

Arlo never stops innovating for its security cameras. After recently launching its wireless video doorbell and updates for its cameras, the American brand has unsheathed two new products as part of CES 2021.

And your front door still interests Arlo. Here is the Touchless Video Doorbell, a video doorbell that joins the rest of the range, but with a particularity: it is triggered even before your visitor has pressed.

A doorbell to limit interactions

The doorbell takes advantage of proximity detection technology to judge the distance to which the person is at your door. Once the visitor has been detected by the camera, the chime sounds and a halo signals the doorbell that the presence has been announced. You just have to stand in front of the camera for it to trigger without having to touch it.

An interesting initiative in times of Covid-19 to limit interactions with external objects, whether for the people you are expecting or the delivery people who show up. The doorbell retains its usual advantages such as recording in the cloud, the ability to answer from your smartphone even if you are not there and to manage the doorbell with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

No launch date or pricing has been released by Arlo.

A camera that protects your privacy

And the firm can boast of having obtained galore rewards during this CES 2021 online. The award-winning Touchless Video Doorbell as well as the new Essential indoor camera and its “disarm” mode. This will allow users to choose when they want to trigger the surveillance and record the video. One way to better manage individual privacy and protection.

The Arlo Essential indoor camera

The Arlo Essential indoor camera // Gamesdone: A

The indoor camera, which films in 1080p and benefits from night vision, is made easy to use to better preserve privacy in the home. If the “protective shield” is deactivated, recording, motion and noise detection are no longer active. The user must then reactivate everything via the Arlo application for the camera to resume service.

But it is also possible to automatically launch the camera and start a live recording or even reactivate monitoring at a specific time.

Arlo opens up to HomeKit, but not completely

In addition, Arlo also announced the compatibility of its products with Apple HomeKit. It is therefore now possible to include the cameras as well as the wired connected doorbell in the scenarios of the Home app while taking advantage of the commands using Siri. However, you must have an Arlo SmartHub or a base with the updated software.

However, not all features will be compatible. Arlo has obviously not given its agreement for the video stream to be fully managed by Apple, which sets very specific rules on the use that can be made of it. It will therefore not be possible to store videos on the Home app or identify a specific movement in front of the camera. And this also has a possible explanation: Arlo has a subscription offer (Arlo Smart) that it charges each month (2.79 euros) to keep the history of records, identify movements or even detect packages.

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