Tuesday, November 24

are you well equipped for teleworking?

The new period of confinement revives the issue of teleworking. In this regard, we would like to know if you have what it takes at home to carry out your professional missions under the right conditions.


You need a good PC for teleworking // Gamesdone: Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

We publish this article on day 2 of the second lockdown. Indeed, as in the spring, an exceptional travel certificate must be completed again if you want to leave your home to do your shopping or go to the doctor – even if certain restrictions have been revised. And obviously, the issue of teleworking comes to the fore.

President Emmanuel Macron and the French government have strongly insisted on the importance of teleworking so that it is applied as soon as possible. This is obviously easier said than done, because even if you work from home, you need a minimum of equipment to carry out your professional missions.

This is precisely the subject of our survey this week.

Do you have a good computer at home?

To work effectively from home, you need a computer that holds up – there is nothing more frustrating than a PC that is lagging just because it is performing two tasks at the same time.

So our question is simple: in this new period of confinement, are you well equipped at home to telework?


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