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are you going to pay for a google one subscription to keep storing your photos?


Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage in 2021. This is a way of directing users to Google One subscriptions to continue saving images to the app. And you, what are you going to do?

Google Photos

Google Photos

The presentation of the first Macs taking advantage of the Apple M1 chip marked the tech news of this week. However, another important announcement caught our attention for our weekly poll: the end of free unlimited storage on Google Photos.

This news concerns a very large number of users. From June 1, 2021, it will no longer be possible to store images on Google Photos without limiting the storage space. The Mountain View firm’s strategy is clear: to push consumers to take out a paid subscription to Google One, its platform offering storage space in the cloud.

In this regard, remember that Google Photos features could even be reserved for Google One subscribers.

However, not everyone will react as Google intends.

Google One for all and all for One?

Google One is not the only online storage platform on the market, far from it. Some might therefore prefer to turn to solutions like DropBox or OneDrive to name a few. There are also certainly many people for whom the 15 GB of storage offered in the basic offer of a Google account will be more than enough.

So here is the question we would like to ask you: are you going to pay for a Google One subscription to keep storing your images on Google Photos?


Are you going to pay for a Google One subscription to continue storing your images on Google Photos?

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