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applications for making an online appointment with a doctor

From Doctolib to Qare via Livi, Maiia and Ameli, here is our selection of mobile applications dedicated to making appointments with a health specialist. Teleconsultation is even sometimes available to avoid any travel.

Making an appointment with your doctor via a mobile application has become commonplace for several years now. But teleconsultation, once abandoned in favor of a physical interview, has exploded since the Covid-19 pandemic – like meetings and video calls. Today, several applications offering one of the two options, or even both, have established themselves as benchmarks on the market. Which ones? Here is our guide.

Doctolib : what else ?

Doctolib is quite possibly the first app you think of if you need to book an appointment with a doctor. Complete, intuitive, practical, the app has become a benchmark in the field. Just type in a specialty or the name of a doctor in the search bar to find what you are looking for.

By entering “General practitioner”, a list of health professionals located in your district appears, with, in order, the name of the doctor, his specialty, his address, his next availability and a tab dedicated to the video consultation, that we find on most doctors today. A map also allows you to have a more general overview.

In the event of a teleconsultation, the prescription prescribed by the doctor can be found in the “My documents” tab, which you can then download or open from the Doctolib application.


Qare: for teleconsultation only

Qare is also one of the most famous medical applications, but is also and above all confined to teleconsultation only. Broken down into four main tabs (Consultations, Health Book, Health Programs and Need for Help), its main interface is easy to use. In total, forty specialties are represented by the medical profession present on the application.

In addition to being able to book a consultation with an addictologist, child psychiatrist, cardiologist or even dental surgeon, depending on your personal schedule, the “Next available slots” tab allows you to access free doctors on-site in one click. -field, or almost (15 minutes of waiting in general). Handy if you are in a hurry. Their price, sector and coverage of the Vitale card are indicated.

Teleconsultation can be done on a mobile device or a computer, provided you have a good internet connection. The prescription and the various documents resulting from your appointment are available on your account. Qare also offers health programs dedicated to pregnancy and early childhood, but also to nutrition, with a referral doctor indicated for each of these themes.

Qare - See a doctor on video

Qare – See a doctor on video

Livi: the ergonomic alternative

Like Qare, the Livi mobile application is a video medical consultation service. Its clean and ergonomic interface is very popular. In contrast, the app gets lost in a maze of annoying steps which then redirects you to an appropriate doctor.

Talking with a doctor by teleconsultation requires first answering a plethora of questions: reason, attending physician (sometimes not listed on the application), urgency or not, chronology of symptoms, consultation already carried out, suffering, degree of suffering, reason for consultation (again), medical treatments, allergies.

In short, the path to access a consultation is long and tedious. For the more diligent, you can also complete your profile by adding your weight, height, blood pressure and allergies, for example. Some days and time slots are also increased – up to 10 euros. Livi consultations are reimbursed by Social Security.

Livi - See a doctor in minutes

Livi – See a doctor in minutes

Maiia: a more refined Doctolib clone

In the idea, the Maiia application uses the principle of Doctolib: a search tab gives you access to a list of specialist doctors and a search bar to type in the name of a doctor. A list of caregivers then scrolls before your eyes, with their name, domain, location and availability to make a physical appointment.

By clicking on the name of a doctor, more details are given to you: address, prices and reimbursements (sector, Vitale card), practical information, means of transport to access it. All with a slightly more refined interface than Doctolib.

For walk-in teleconsultation, a dedicated tab is available on the first page of the interface to view the doctors available, the waiting time, the number of patients waiting and the end of the service. A system of filters to choose the specialty is also available.

Maiia - Teleconsultation and appointment

Maiia – Teleconsultation and appointment

Ameli: the official health insurance application

On Ameli, do not try to make an appointment that is both virtual and physical: above all, this application informs you of the doctors available in your neighborhood, and also and above all remains the official application for Health Insurance.

Several sorting systems (postal code, distance, type of fee) and filters (without appointment, specialty) allow you to refine your searches, before the application shows you the addresses, routes or telephone numbers of ‘doctor. Your social security number and personal code for your Ameli account are required.

ameli, Health Insurance

ameli, Health Insurance

If you have a mutual, also check if it does not offer an app with similar functionality.

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