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Apple’s hugely popular AirPods 2 are on sale on Amazon


Often copied, but never equaled, the AirPods 2 are arguably the most popular wireless headphones around the world. They are now benefiting from a great promotion on Amazon and are going from 179 to only 135 euros.

With its Apple AirPods 2, the Cupertino company has risen to the rank of market leader for true wireless. However, they are not the best sound level, but they are comfortable to wear and above all very easy to use. In addition, the price-performance ratio is excellent with a nice offer, like today via this immediate discount of -25%.

AirPods 2 at a glance

Instead of 179 euros, the Apple AirPods 2 with wired charging box are now available on sale at only 135 euros on Amazon.

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The AirPods 2 don’t show up anymore, but we’re going to make an effort nonetheless. Launched in late 2019, this minor evolution of the 2016 model obviously brings some changes, but not to the design. It remains unchanged, because it is comfortable to wear thanks to its non-in-ear format, which therefore does not fit into the ear canal of the ear.

There are still some similarities at the level of the technical sheet, such as the autonomy which is once again estimated at around twenty hours. However, there are two important additions: Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and the integration of Siri directly into the headsets, which now include the “Hey Siri”, without going through the iPhone.

Apple obliges, its wireless headphones then fit perfectly into its ecosystem, where it is indeed a delight to use AirPods 2 when you have an Apple smartphone. Pairing is done very quickly, switching between various devices is a breeze and many features interesting features make the experience even more enjoyable, in particular the Play / Pause mode which is activated automatically by removing and putting back a headset.

Most of the features mentioned are however not available with an Android smartphone, but note that the AirPods 2 are still compatible. For those interested, we have made a small tutorial.

Offer no longer available?

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers for AirPods 2.

To compare AirPods 2

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