Thursday, January 21

Apple’s headphones may well become wired

If Apple surprised everyone by sneaking out its AirPods Max headset, sold for 629 euros, it was as much the high-end features as the lack of an audio cable that made the talk. And yet the Cupertino company has a solution in stock for those who prefer wired models.

The new AirPods Max headset

The new AirPods Max headphones // Gamesdone: Apple

Apple unveiled a new design headset on Tuesday, with high-fidelity sound and above all absolutely wireless on paper. Since no cable is obviously provided in the box to connect the AirPods Max to an audio source.

And yet, on its site, the Californian company has a solution for those who need an audio cable and complain about being deprived of it.

Reversible audio cable

There is a Lightning cable to a 3.5 mm mini jack, available in black or white, at a price of 39 euros. An accessory that is added to the bill for the 629 euros to pay for the AirPods Max. But good news, it is reversible and can be used to an iPhone or an iPad to stream music to speakers in particular.

The Lightning audio cable is 1.2 meters and can also be used with the Beats Solo Pro headphones. Note that the white model is available from December 15. For the black version, you will have to wait another month. If the AirPods Max is also available in green, blue and pink, these latter versions are not entitled to a matching cable.

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