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Apple’s App Store now rejects apps using an SDK that tracks your data without your consent

Several apps have been banned from the App Store due to an SDK used by developers.

Source : Denis Cherkashin – Unsplash

Gamesdone : Denis Cherkashin – Unsplash

Apple’s new privacy strategy will definitely make people cringe. Since the launch of iOS 14, Apple has tightened the App Store policy on application transparency to the data collected, much to Facebook’s dismay. A rather clever strategy that has allowed Apple to strengthen its brand image in the smartphone market.

We now learn that the firm is taking a new step in its way of filtering applications from the App Store.

Adjust SDK comes to the forbidden list

Several developers have noticed that Apple is rejecting their apps on the App Store due to the use of Adjust SDK, a developer tool that collects data on users’ devices. This SDK has the particularity of not asking for user consent before starting to track information. This was confirmed by Eric Seufert to the 9To5Mac site, adding that Adjust could also give advice to avoid Apple’s rules on the transparency of applications from the App Store.

Per a number of developers, Apple has begun rejecting app updates that include the Adjust SDK related to its collection of data used for device fingerprinting.

— Eric Seufert (@eric_seufert) April 1, 2021

This kind of SDK collects as much information as possible about the device used, such as its model number, the browser used, its IP address, the system version, to create the most unique footprint possible. This makes it possible to have an identifier for the device, and thus track user behavior and monetize it.

It is this method of identification that Apple now wants to ban from its App Store.

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