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Apple TV has a function to enhance your image


Apple has rolled out tvOS 14.5, the operating system update for its Apple TV. And among the new features, we find in particular tools to better calibrate your television, in terms of sound and image.

L’Apple TV

Apple TV // Gamesdone: Li Lin – Unsplash

To accompany the imminent arrival of the new Apple TV 4K, the Apple brand is already rolling out some expected new features on the new multimedia box and which may also delight old models.

TvOS 14.5 update is now available on all Apple TVs with some notable improvements to enhance your experience.

Better color balance for your TV

During the keynote, Apple presented its new screen calibration system with the upcoming Apple TV. It’s actually a color grading feature that’s coming to all models, including the Apple TV HD.

By positioning your iPhone (connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV) near the screen, you will be able to balance the colors and automatically adjust the white balance of your TV. However, for this you need an iPhone equipped with the TrueDepth camera (iPhone X / Xs / 11/12 range).

How to adjust your screen?

  • From Settings, go to Video and audio, then Color balance
  • On your iPhone, a notification appears. You must validate to start the calibration.
  • Hold your iPhone upside down in the area that appears on the screen. The measurement will start. The iPhone shown on the screen goes through different colors (red, green, blue, white) to achieve color balance.
  • You can then view the result with a test image between your original settings and the balanced settings.
  • Choose the ones that suit you

You can also better manage synchronize your wireless devices. The Apple TV has a function, with the help of the iPhone, to also calibrate the listening between your devices and better select them also as speakers.

Source: Frandroid

Gamesdone: Frandroid

The Apple TV will also support reading in 23.976, 29.976 or 59.94 images per second which correspond in particular to the NTSC standards, widely used in the United States.

Fresh blow for podcasts

As announced at the spring event, the Podcasts app is getting a makeover. And on Apple TV too. It is better organized and more readable from the interface library. Sorting is clearer. Now you “follow” podcasts, you no longer subscribe. A small change in philosophy, but also a way to be consistent with the subscription service that was announced.

And also…

You will be able more easily free up space on the home screen. From Settings> Apps, you can choose to have apps you don’t use be automatically deleted. Your data is however kept to be reused later. Note that the app remains visible, but in trace.

You can write to siri. From your iPhone, iPad, or a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use the onscreen keyboard to communicate and listen to Siri’s response to find movies, launch apps, and more. This is an accessibility feature (Settings> Accessibility).

The controllers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Controller DualSense Xbox Series X / S are now supported on all Apple TVs.


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