Saturday, September 25

Apple TV app arrives on Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV boxes


After Smart TVs and game consoles, the Apple TV application will land on … Chromecast with Google TV! Google’s new multimedia offer thus collects video streaming services and Apple is offering a wider audience for its original programs.

L’application Apple TV sans Apple TV

L’application Apple TV sans Apple TV

It is a mini-revolution of minds that has been taking place for a few months. After letting its Apple TV app slip away on some Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TVs, as well as on new game consoles, the Apple brand will establish itself among the competition.

Google has announced that the Apple TV application, which includes partner programs as well as the Apple TV + paid offer, would be available in early 2021 on Chromecast with Google TV, the new TV environment of the Mountain View firm. An unexpected alliance, because the new version of the homemade HDMI key is totally close to the multimedia proposition of the Apple TV box.

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV // Gamesdone: Google

All streaming services available on Chromecast with Google

By recovering Apple TV and Apple TV + in particular, Chromecast with Google TV becomes almost the only multimedia device to offer all video streaming subscriptions. Because Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + in particular were already present alongside home services.

Google has also indicated that the Apple TV app – not to be confused with the content and applications of the Apple TV box which are not accessible – will appear a little later on all devices equipped with Android TV. Either boxes and potentially other connected TVs.

This is not the first time that Apple has granted its services to its competitor Android. Apple Music is already available on the Play Store as well as on certain Google speakers and smart screens. But by agreeing to open up, Apple is primarily targeting a larger paying audience for its original programs grouped together within the Apple TV + subscription, a service offered to any user of a new Apple device. A step towards competition which could also be a big step for its users towards the apple brand.

Apple TV

Apple TV


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