Tuesday, January 19

Apple still has new products to unveil in December

For the 4th consecutive month, Apple is said to have planned to unveil new products. The announcement would still be less important than in recent months.

More announcements after a conference called “One More Thing” which should have ended Apple’s year? In previous months, the brand has increased the number of conferences to first unveil a new iPad, two Apple Watches and its Apple One subscription in September, then its new range of iPhones in October, and finally its first Macs equipped with chips. Apple Silicon M1 in November.

The MacRumors site announces that it had information from a source indicated as reliable: Apple Care services would stand by for “new products, new descriptions and new prices” which would be online as of Tuesday, December 8 at 5:30 a.m. , pacific time, or 2:30 p.m. Paris time.

A simple press release expected

If we take into account the expected time of news, and the absence of invitations from Apple to prepare these announcements, we should rather expect a simple press release. This is the method chosen by Apple to unveil its lesser products. We think for example of the announcement of the iPod Touch in May 2019. The MacRumors site adds another source, the Twitter account “L0vetodream” which would have already seen it right in the past, and which had announced “a Christmas surprise From Apple.

So what kind of product could be the subject of such an advertisement? According to rumors, Apple is preparing its first headphones named AirPods Studio. However, it is hard to imagine the firm launching a whole new category of products with a simple press release. This format is more conducive to simple product renewals or an announcement of a small accessory.

To match these criteria, we can think of a new Apple TV, or a renewal of certain Macs with new Intel processors, which Apple would undoubtedly want to avoid highlighting. It can also be a new wave of accessory compatible with MagSafe, the new wireless system of the iPhone 12 that works with magnets.

See you in a few days to have the end of this story.

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