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Apple reportedly preparing new AirPods Pro for release before summer

According to information from Taiwanese site DigiTimes, Apple is already working with some suppliers to launch its second-generation AirPods Pro by July.

AirPods Pro case

AirPods Pro // Gamesdone: Frandroid

A little over a year ago, in October 2019, Apple unveiled its first true wireless headphones with active noise reduction, the AirPods Pro. The manufacturer was then one of the first players to interfere in this market, quickly followed by a plethora of manufacturers.

Following the success of AirPods Pro, the American firm would not stop there. This is what emerges from the information of the Taiwanese site DigiTimes. According to his information, taken over by MacRumors, Apple is already working on a new version of its in-ear headphones with active noise reduction. The firm would work with the Taiwanese company Winbond, responsible for designing electronic chips:

Winbond is also expected to be one of the NOR flash vendors for the next generation AirPods Pro, slated for launch in the first half of this year, our sources say. The Taiwanese chipmaker will launch NOR flash memory production lines at near maximum capacity during this six-month period.

Concurring rumors of a first half exit

This is not the first time that indiscretions evoke the release of new AirPods Pro during the first half of 2021. Last October, the journalist Mark Gurman, very well informed on Apple’s projects, also indicated that Apple was working on new noise-canceling headphones, alongside a third-generation classic AirPods. A few weeks ago, the Japanese site Mac Otakara came forward indicating that Apple would launch its second version of the AirPods Pro in April, along with a new version of the iPhone SE.

For now, we still do not know what Apple will offer with its new generation of AirPods Pro. For its classic AirPods, the manufacturer was content to add a few hours of additional autonomy as well as a case compatible with wireless charging. Still, there are rumors of a whole new design for the next AirPods Pro, with stems largely shortened, if not removed.

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